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Requirements for an ARF sanctioned tournament:

  • Tournament host country should be an ARF member

  • A men’s tournament consisting of at least 16 teams in the tournament's highest division.

  • A women’s tournament consisting of at least 8 teams in the tournament’s highest division 

  • Tournament has to be open to all.

  • At least 1 other Asian nation than the host country will be represented at the tournament.

  • Played in a suitable venue, either grass, artificial turf or hard court.

  • The IRF rule set applies at the tournament.

  • At least 3 IRF/ARF-certified observers attend the tournament.

  • The tournament sign-up system is available in English, other languages can be the main language, but to be certified an English version has to be available.

  • Using standard Roundnet equipment approved by the ARF

  • The tournament uses a user-friendly online platform. ARF suggests the use of

  • The tournament proposal shall be submitted at least 1 month before the start date of the tournament via google form found on the ARF website.

  • Tournament provides ranking points and players have to be seeded based on Asian ranking points.

Apply to have your tournament ARF sanctioned

Why should your tournament be sanctioned?

  • Tournament status. It gives players the confidence that the tournament will be conducted within reasonable standards under the guidelines and rules of the ARF

  • Social media publications of events on ARF's platforms. Including event calendar.

  • Rights to use ARF logo and name on event materials

  • Players having the opportunity to earn ARF ranking points

  • ARF financial & staff support. (if available)

  • More cooperation between international players & organizer

  • Provide checklist for NGB to help manage tournament

  • *group insurance (when available)

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