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How Rankings Are Calculated

ARF rankings are individual player rankings for roundnet players living in Asian countries that are members in the ARF.


Rankings are calculated based on a points system. Players can earn points by competing in ARF sanctioned tournaments in the ranked division. Player points are scored based on four (4) criteria:

1. The number of teams in the ranked division of a tournament the player competes in;

2. The final placement the player's team (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.);

3. The number of tournaments the player competes in;

4. The multiplier of the tournament (more details below):

A tournament's multiplier is determined by the ARF sanctioning commitee. Currently, there are two multiplier categories: Majors, and non-Majors. Major tournaments have a points multiplier of 1.5 and non-Majors have a multiplier of 1. ARF Tour tournaments are all considered Major tournaments and therefore have a 1.5 points multiplier.

The base scoring system (before multipliers) for a tournament is calculated based on this chart:

The number of tournaments a player competes in also affects his/her ranking score. However, there is a maximum number of tournaments that can account for the total score of a player. The number of tournaments that count towards the player's score is based on a regressive percentage system. A player who competes in 4 tournaments or less will have 100% of his tournaments count towards his/her score; for example if a player competes in 4 ARF sanctioned tournaments, all 4 will count towards his/her score. After 4 tournaments, the regressive system kicks in and for tournaments 5 & 6, only 80% of the tournaments will count rounded to the nearest whole number; for example if a player competes in 5 tournaments, then only his/her best 4 tournaments will count (5 x 80% = 4); if a player competes in 6 tournaments, only his/her best 5 tournaments will count (6 x 80% = 4.8 -> rounded to 5). If a player plays between 7 to 10 tournaments, only 70% of his/her tournaments will count. The regression systems bottoms out at 60% of a player's tournaments; at the moment, there is no limit on the total number of tournaments that can qualify for scoring points. See the below chart for reference:

Scoring Tournament Regression Chart

Ranking games chart.png

Even though the above chart ends at 12 total scoring tournaments, there is no limit to the total number of scoring tournaments a player can accumulate. A 21st tournament would still bring the player's total scoring tournament number up to 13; (21 x 60% = 12.6 -> rounded 13).

It is also important to keep in mind that the tournaments that will actually count towards a player's ranking will be his/her best performing tournaments; or in other words, the tournaments in which a player scores the highest number of pointsnot just his/her best placement. For example if a player competed in 5 tournaments, only 4 count, the one that wouldn't count would be the one in which he/she scored the least number of points, even if he/she placed higher than in one of the other tournaments.

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