Board Members

Board Member positions are decided via a democratic election held every January.


Austin Rohlfing


Austin is originally from the country where the sport of roundnet was invented, America. He is the founder and former President of Taiwan Roundnet and is also the co-founder of the Asian Roundnet Federation.


Amir Faridz


Amir is from Malaysia where he founded Malaysian Roundnet. Being a commercial airline pilot, Amir travels frequently. Before Malaysia Roundnet he was a co-founder of Taiwan Roundnet where he helped introduced the sport.


Genta Fajar

Media & Public Relations (MPR)

Genta is the founder and first ever president of Roundnet Indonesia. His work promoting the sport of roundnet in his home country is unparalled. Genta is recognized in the roundnet community all over the world and was even invited by the IRF to share his campaign strategy with the entire roundnet world!


Wannes Chauvaux


Although originally from Belgium, where the first ever roundnet world championships will be hosted, Wannes currently lives in Japan where he co-founded Roundnet Japan. Aside from roundnet, Wannes is also active in the music industry in Japan.

hansen headshot_edited.jpg

Hansen Lam


Hansen is one of the founders Roundnet Hong Kong and also an active educator in sports. He hosts many roundnet events particularly for children to help grow the sport and increase awareness for healthy lifestyles.