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The Full Story

Invented in 1989 by an American named Jeff Knurek, the sport of roundnet grew rapidly all over the world. It was only a matter of time before this amazing sport made its way to Asia. As roundnet became more and more popular in Asia, leaders of the sport in many countries saw the need to form a unified governing body to continue advancing the sport while creating oversight. Thus the Asian Roundnet Federation was born! Officially founded on March 10th, 2021, The Asian Roundnet Federation is Asia's official roundnet governing organization. We are a non-profit whose sole purpose is to provide adminstrative oversight while promoting and connecting the roundnet community in Asia through an international tournament circuit.



To grow and spread the sport of roundnet
throughout the Asian region. At the Asian
Roundnet Federation, we see roundnet as more
than a sport. Connected by our passion for
roundnet, we believe our mission is to create a
strong community within Asia that looks to
instill hope and positivity for all players no
matter their background or economic status.
Just like many major sports have improved the
lives of people all over the world, we hope that
one day the sport of roundnet will do the same.


To become a major, popularized sport in Asia
with an international tournament circuit. We
hope to create an organization that
produces some of the finest roundnet
players in the world to compete

internationally, while providing governing
oversight on how the sport is played in Asia.
It is also our vision to create the new
generation of roundnet players by spreading
the sport to all levels of the education
system while championing healthy lifestyles.

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