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Invented in 1989 by an American named Jeff Knurek, the sport of roundnet grew rapidly all over the world. It was only a matter of time before this amazing sport made its way to Asia. As roundnet became more and more popular in Asia, leaders of the sport in many countries saw the need to form a unified governing body to continue advancing the sport while creating oversight. Thus the Asian Roundnet Federation was born! Officially founded on March 10th, 2021, The Asian Roundnet Federation is Asia's official roundnet governing organization. We are a non-profit whose sole purpose is to provide administrative oversight while promoting and connecting the roundnet community in Asia through an international tournament circuit...

Rumble Roundnet

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Asian Roundnet Federation

The official governing body for  roundnet in Asia

Board Members


Amir Faridz


Amir is from Malaysia where he founded Malaysian Roundnet. Being a commercial airline pilot, Amir travels frequently. Before Malaysia Roundnet he was also a co-founder of Taiwan Roundnet where he helped introduced the sport and where he lives today.


Genta Fajar

Media & Public Relations (MPR)

Genta is the founder and first ever president of Roundnet Indonesia. His work promoting the sport of roundnet in his home country is unparalled. Genta is recognized in the roundnet community all over the world and was even invited by the IRF to share his campaign strategy with the entire roundnet world!

Vic Domingo


A physical education teacher, sports director, Vic captured the Roundnet community's attention around the world when he hosted the Biggest Game in the Philippines. His ultimate goal is to promote the sport of Roundnet all over the country to build the national team that will represent Philippines in international competitions.

Austin Rohlfing


Austin was the first president of the ARF from 2021-2023. He is from Rochester, New York and first played roundnet in 2014. He moved to Taiwan in 2019 where helped co-found Taiwan Roundnet. Aside from playing roundnet, he enjoys running, hiking, and skiing.

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Hansen Lam


Hansen is one of the founders Roundnet Hong Kong and also an active educator in sports. He hosts many roundnet events particularly for children to help grow the sport and increase awareness for healthy lifestyles.

Wannes Chauvaux


Although originally from Belgium, where the first ever roundnet world championships will be hosted, Wannes currently lives in Japan where he co-founded Roundnet Japan. Aside from roundnet, Wannes is also active in the music industry in Japan.

Nani Aprillia


Nani has been working with Roundnet Indonesia and the ARF since their inceptions. Although she may describe herself as just an ordinary girl, her work ethic and drive were foundational to the formation of the ARF and it's continued growth. She was a major leader when it came to organizing the first ever ARF Cup and also assists the ARF with translating to Indonesian players.

April 28 - April 30

Philippines ARF Tour Stop


Dumaguette, Philippines

May 13 - May 14

Japan ARF Tour Stop


Tokyo, Japan

June 24 - June 25

Taiwan ARF Tour Stop


Taipei, Taiwan

July 29 - July 30

Indonesia ARF Tour Stop


Jakarta, Indonesia

September 21 -September 24



Bali, Indonesia


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